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Dental Implants and Periodontal Desease

Get your smile back in 24 hours

At the Villa Dental Clinic we carry out partial and total oral rehabilitation and provide temporary teeth within 24 hours of surgery, even when faced with difficult or seemingly impossible cases. Patients receive a comprehensive circle of care from our specialized dentist, guaranteeing the best possible prosthetic-implant.

Immediate loading of post-extraction and pyorrhea.

Nowadays, immediate loading contemporarily with tooth extraction (immediate post-extraction implant loading ) has become a routine procedure at our Clinic even in patients with advanced pyorrhea or ongoing dental infection.

Moreover, the combination of immediate-loading procedures and minimally invasive surgical techniques (flapless surgery) allows us to achieve aesthetic results which would otherwise be impossible.

Dr. Roberto Villa has been a pioneer of these surgical techniques at international level and has published two important articles about his methods and results.

Non invasive Surgery

Protocols  aimed at  further reducing the invasiveness of surgery are being adopted in all branches of surgery.

Our Dental Clinic can boast of developments over the last ten years in our  non-invasive surgical techniques, which are to a certain extent, unique and innovative.

Results obtained  both in post-operative comfort and aesthetics-function long-term  have been so encouraging that  Dr. Villa has concentrated all his efforts on improving this type of surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery in implantology means that the gum flap is kept to a minimum. This leaves vascular tissue intact, which is fundamental for the healing process and avoids the bone alveolar being exposed and reabsorbed. Post-surgical healing is less traumatic and faster,  there are no scars or anti-aesthetic receding  gums as the body’s natural healing  process comes into play. Moreover, this method, which is extremely preservative in its approach, allows patients suffering from diabetes, heart trouble, on anti-coagulants or bisphosphonates to be treated, as there is a reduced risk of post-operative haemorrhaging  and bone infection.

In the recent past, regenerative techniques, which required several operations  without always guaranteeing excellent results, have fallen from favour and the “ All-on-4®“ technique has become more popular.

“All-on-4®” means the rehabilitation with immediate loading of a whole dental arch using only four implants, the rear 2 of which aretilted in order to get the maximum use of the bone in the  frontal area.

This technique is only suited to the rehabilitation of a whole dental arch and it  requires neither complex regenerative technique nor bone graft but it is by definition a non-palate denture fixed onto implants, with the teeth issuing from an artificial gum. This protocol, supported  by computer-guided surgical planning, is the one our Clinic uses with patients who already wear full dentures.

In patients with teeth to be extracted, the “All-on-4®” is considered to be a very invasive technique in that it requires the removal of part of the residual bone to make space for the  artificial gum. In cases like these Dr Villla has developed his own protocols for non-invasive surgery with immediate loading. Using a limited number of implants (4 in the upper jaw and 5 in the lower) he has obtained results which have brought our Clinic to the forefront as regards good aesthetics and function of implant  rehabilitation, in that the teeth issue from the patient’s own gums.


Via Duomo 10, 13900 Biella – Tel. 015 352481 | Fax: 015.26284
P.IVA/CF: 02109010021 | Cap. Soc.: € 10.000 i.v. – Num. REA: BI 0180518
P.E.C.: clinicaodontoiatricavilla@legalmail.it


Via Duomo 10, 13900 Biella 
Tel. 015.352481 | Fax: 015.26284
P.IVA/CF: 02109010021 
Cap. Soc.: € 10.000 i.v. | REA: BI 0180518 
P.E.C.: clinicaodontoiatricavilla@legalmail.it

Dir. San. Dott. Roberto Villa, iscrizione n° 301 Albo Odontoiatri di Biella

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